Components Repair

Precision care and dual-certification for your aircraft’s essential parts.

EURAM Aircraft Engine Centre Ltd.

Component Repair & Maintenance

At EAEC, our Components Repair service is an integral part of our comprehensive offerings.

We specialised in the repair and maintenance of external engine hardware such as harnesses, manifolds, tubes, pipes, hoses, QAD adapter kits, and QEC hardware.

All repaired parts can be certified, to meet EASA compliance standards for ultimate peace of mind.

Our facilities boast specialised cells, including hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic shops, equipped with ultrasonic cleaning and pressure testing capabilities.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is also available for ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

We're excited to announce that V2500 parts repair is coming soon, and you can look forward to additional parts repair capabilities being added in Q4 2023 and throughout 2024

EASA certification

External engine hardware


Manifolds, tubes, pipes, hoses, qad adapter kit & QEC hardware

V2500 parts repair coming soon

Hydraulic, electrical & pneumatic shops

Ultrasonic cleaning capability

Pressure testing capability


Additional parts repair to be added in Q4 2023 / 2024

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