Technical Services

Our skilled technicians are trained in Engine QEC & EBU Builds, providing seamless integration and reliability.

EURAM Aircraft Engine Centre Ltd.

Technical Experience & Expertise

At EAEC, we offer a wide array of technical services designed to meet all your aircraft engine and component needs.

Our engine maintenance covers everything from disassembly to modular or piece part level, backed by thorough cleaning, inspection, and certification - all in accordance with our EAEC 145 approved capability list.

We excel in specialised areas such as module removal and installation, as well as LRU removal and installation.

Advanced borescope inspection services offer a meticulous examination for quality assurance, while our preservation services ensure your aircraft components stand the test of time.

We also conduct non-destructive testing (NDT) to maintain the highest safety standards.

For clients in leasing arrangements, our lease redelivery service includes comprehensive GVI & QEC inventory verification, assuring all parts are accounted for.

Engine Maintenance

Engine disassembly to modular and or piece part level. Module, accessory, piece part clean, inspection, repair capability & certification in accordance with EAEC 145 approved capability list

Module removal and installation and module changes

LRU removal and installation

Engine QEC & EBU builds

Borescope inspection services

Preservation services


Lease redelivery – GVI & QEC inventory verification

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